Professional Grade High Impact Gum Shield Mouth Guard

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Mouthguards easily mold to fit any tooth shape and mouth size


·         Maximum teeth and gum protection: thick cushioning base to absorb shock


·         For use with or without braces and can be re-molded up to 11 times


·         Boil bite down design allows for custom molding of mouth guard to maximize protection and comfort


·         Designed to provide unobstructed air flow


Product description


Introducing superior mouth guard / gum shield designed to withstand and absorb the toughest of blows and impacts.

Our revolutionary design comes with circular grip rings to allow for extra
comfort and grip when up against the toughest of challenges.

Breath easy with the added air flow channel on the front, this added feature makes breathing and speech far easier.

Protect your teeth, gums and soft tissue with our superior mold technology and shock absorbing grooves.

With full instructions our gum shields / mouth guards are extremely quick and easy to fit.

Comes with a free carry case.

Our mouth guards / gum shields are made from Eva material which means they
are latex- free, safe, non-toxic and no peculiar smells.

Always consult with your dentist or doctor before use.